The Flasko Investment Platform

Invest and trade at the click of a button...

  • All investments made by Flasko will result in an NFT being minted and made available on our specialized investment platform. From here, users will be able to make their investment into the NFT.

    • Our system will identify and allocate the proportion of the investment to the user.

For example:

  • Flasko will acquire a case of '2002 Moët Hennessy Dom Perignon Rose' as an investment

  • This will then be stored in a licensed, bonded and secured warehouse

  • An NFT will be minted and made public on the specially developed Flasko platform

  • Users will be able to purchase and/or trade shares of the investment

  • The performance of the investment will be made available

Sit back, pour yourself a glass and watch your investments grow.

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