How does Flasko work?

Flasko will lead the way bringing the world of luxury beverage alternative investors to the cryptocurrency market space.

  • Our analysts track the market on a daily basis and will identify the products that have the best potential for long term growth.

  • All whiskeys, wines and champagnes will be stored in insured and license bonded warehouses.

  • Users have the ability to purchase either a fraction, or 100% of an NFT and have the whiskey, wine or champagne delivered to their designated address free of charge.

  • Each NFT represents either an individual investment (whiskey, wine, champagne) or even a basket of the aforementioned products.

  • Each NFT and their relevant fractions will be tradable via the Flasko platform. Users will be able to buy and sell their investments.

  • Token stakers will be able to cast governance votes and decide whether Flasko sells the investments back to the global market, auction or sell independently and share this revenue with token investors.

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