Amid the increasing growth of the alternative investments market, Flasko is born.

Flasko, is a cryptocurrency protocol that aims to be the first NFT whiskey, wine and champagne investment platform. Alternative investments have moved from the periphery of the global investment landscape into the mainstream. In just 15 years, alternative investments grew from 6% to 12% or $13.4 trillion of the global market in 2018, and they are expected to grow between 18-24% by 2025.

By opening the alternative investments market to cryptocurrency users, we will give the opportunity for cryptocurrency investors and users to invest in premium whiskeys, wines and champagnes.

  • Protocol investments result in an NFT being minted. Each NFT can be fractionalized, allowing users to invest in rare and high growth whiskeys, wines and champagnes.

  • All investors will be provided with the opportunity to benefit from the growth of the alternative investments market, specifically the premium beverage market.

  • Users will be able to invest and trade their investments using our specialized investment platform.

  • Using our launchpad and community, Flasko will partner with high end beverage start-ups in order to facilitate their entry to market.

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