Why choose Flasko?

  • Investors can earn on average 28% per year on their investments as well as additional revenue from Flasko platform revenue being distributed to token stakers.
  • Highly liquid (
    ) asset class - by utilising the fractionalization of NFTs that in turn represent Flasko investments, it provides anyone the opportunity to purchase all or a part of an investment NFT.
  • Hedge against inflation - alternative investments have proven their stability in both low and highly inflationary markets.
  • Unprecedented growth in whiskey, wine and champagne investments over the past five years:
    • Whiskey 65% increase
    • Fine Wines 57% increase
    • Champagne 93% increase
  • Events set up by Flasko to bring not only premium beverage lovers together from all over the world, but also cryptocurrency fanatics.
  • Flasko will be able to act as an incubator for high-end beverage corporations that have either not yet launched, those that are in their 'start-up' phase as well as established high-end beverage companies.